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COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is a full service civil litigation firm. Our law firm provides litigation services in the areas of: personal injury litigation, insurance litigation, real estate litigation and business litigation.

Personal Injury litigation is a substantial part of our law firm’s civil litigation practice. When a person sustains personal injury because of the negligence of someone or an entity, that person has the right sue for damages under the law. Our law firm can handle your personal injury case and provide you with excellent representation.

Personal Injury Cases That Our Law Firm Handles

–Automobile Accidents

–18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

–Wrongful Death Cases

–Products Liability

–Premises Liability



COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC will work diligently to defend you against felony and misdemeanor charges. Criminal charges can be a very frightening, confusing and a difficult experience.  Our law firm is able to offer an effective and affordable representation and defense against criminal charges. Our law firm also will represent clients charged with white collar crimes and will provide you with a quality white-collar defense. Our law firm will fight to protect your legal and constitutional rights. If you are being investigated or have been arrested, please do not delay with contacting our law firm for assistance.


COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC is a full service real estate title and closing law firm located in Ridgeland, Mississippi, which provides title searches, closing and escrow services and real estate title information to lenders, sellers, buyers, contractors, developers and other real estate professionals.


COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC provides legal services to businesses including new and small businesses. Our law firm provides legal services for businesses in the following areas: (1) Business Formation;  (2) Reviewing and Drafting Contracts and Leases; (3) Conflict /Dispute Resolution (negotiation and/or business litigation); and (4) General Counsel.


COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC provides legal services and representation to clients in the Sports & Entertainment industry.  Sports and entertainment has become a big business and has evolved into a global business. Our clients’ ability to compete in sports or entertainment is dependent on their ability to generate revenues and compete in the business world and for businesses in other industries who are increasingly looking to sponsorship opportunities as a way to market their product and services. As the complexity of the business of sports and entertainment grow, our law firm believes that so does the need for sophisticated counsel with a deep understanding of the issues, and experience needed to effectively and efficiently assist you with achieving your goals.  Our law firm believes in the importance of keeping our clients on the court or field or on the stage. Our law firm strives to provide our clients with sophisticated and practical legal assistance and representation. Our client will


COLLIER & ASSOCIATES, PLLC provides legal representation in the area of bankruptcy.  The purpose of bankruptcy is a way to a “fresh start.”  The process is a way of ensuring “a new opportunity in life, without the pressure and discouragement of existing debt. Bankruptcy can give you the freedom to once again enjoy a productive life.  If you are dealing with financial hardship, you will need an attorney that is an experienced litigator. Our law firm can assist you with filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  The decision to file bankruptcy requires careful analysis of your financial situation.  Bankruptcy is not always the best solution for every debt issue.  You should file Bankruptcy on after determining it is best plan of action to deal with your financial situation.  Please contact our law firm for representation and/or assistance with exploring your options as relates to bankruptcy.








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